About Us
For over 80 years, Ventura County Business Machines has been serving the greater Ventura
County and Los Angeles County areas for all of its office equipment needs.  From our start in
Typewriters, we have grown and evolved with time to offer our clients high quality office
machines and solutions at sensible prices.  Here at VCBM we follow these important
guidelines as a company:

  • Provide Excellent Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • Provide Quality Office Equipment At Sensible Prices
  • Provide The Same Quality Of Service Independent Of Company Size Or Budget

We are not corporate manufacture owned, we are a local company based in Ventura.  Being
an independent company allows us to service our clients needs no matter the equipment
type, make or model.  Our independece allows us to focus on our clients rather than quotas
put on us by manufactures.

Please contact us with any office equipment needs you may have!

Ventura County Business Machines

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